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So, if you're a fan of the show "Ugly Betty," than this is the place for you. We can talk about the show, it's characters, plots, fashion, anything to do with Ugly Betty!

The End is Coming

Posted By littlebmac on Mar 13, 2010 at 11:40AM

So sad that Ugly Betty is ending. Here's hoping for a fantastic ending! The writers have alot to wrap up in only a few more weeks. Not sure how I feel about Daniel and Amanda hooking up for a casual thing, but I love that Hilda is getting a real chance of love and happiness with Bobby.Who will Betty end up with? Henry?? The annoying fireman? Maybe the writers will include a wedding in the finale ( for Hilda or a double wedding for the Suarez sisters). Only 5 episodes left until the end! Who is watching Betty and the Suarez family?

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Will you be watching Season 4?

Posted By yummymango on May 23, 2009 at 6:48AM

Now that ABC has announced that Ugly Betty will be moving to Friday nights for it's fourth season, will you still be watching?

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Ugly Betty's Marc Has a Female Admirer

Posted By yummymango on May 18, 2009 at 5:33PM

Marc's love life on Ugly Betty has been less than eventful since he and fiancé Cliff broke things off. But things get very interesting when a magazine mogul makes a move on him — and the mogul's not a he.

Guest star Bernadette Peters, who plays Jodie Papadakis, previewed Thursday's episode by telling TVGuide.com her character "is starting to make a play for him."

In the episode, "In the Stars," Betty teams up with Matt and Marc for their über-important, final YETI project (a photo shoot with Grammy winner Adele). But, in an unexpected twist, Jodie hits on Marc.

"For my character to hit on Marc is a total surprise," said Peters. "Her boyfriend just broke up with her the night before, and he just looked good. She just was so vulnerable. And poor Marc is like, 'Wait a minute, what's going on here?' She just doesn't know which end is up."

Peters also revealed that Jodie becomes a bit envious of Betty. "There's a certain newspaper [Jodie's] been trying to get into for years, and it turns out they're interested in Betty," said Peters. "So, Jodie gets really jealous."


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Christopher Gorham talks up Henry's return to 'Ugly Betty'

Posted By yummymango on May 18, 2009 at 4:54PM

Watching Betty choose herself after getting offers from the lovably nerdy accountant Henry and impish sandwich boy Gio last season was, well, painful.

Nothing against her move to become an independent woman, but this season she followed them up with soft-rocker Jesse -- what an ill-conceived detour that was! -- and now rich nice guy Matt.

Boy, is he nice.

Too bad Henry's about to sweep the floor with him. OK, that's not exactly for sure, but Betty's first love -- and "Wicked"-loving soul mate -- returns to give Matt a run in Thursday's "Ugly Betty" season finale.

Christopher Gorham, who currently stars in CBS' horror anthology "Harper's Island," spoke with us about why Henry was written off the show in the first place, why's he back and why -- heaven help us -- the actor thinks Henry might not be the guy Betty should end up with. Let's just agree to disagree:

So Henry's back to win over Betty -- your appearance in the finale is just he beginning right?
Well I’m only coming back for one episode. One is all that I know about. I certainly could go back and do more, but for now it’s just that.

I'm still hopeful. How did Henry's return come together?
I got a call from creator Silvio Horta [who also worked with Gorham on "Jake 2.0"] When I left the show the first time, he made it clear to me that he was hoping that I would be able to come back at some point. So it wasn’t a totally unexpected phone call. He wanted me to come back and do an episode near the end of the season and, of course, I was happy to do it.

Whose decision was it to have Henry exit the show?
It was the writers. It was a story problem. I always felt that Henry was kind of accidentally written off the show.

How did it happen?
Everybody got so excited about America Ferrera and I together, so the writers immediately tried to save that relationship for the long term on the show, and their way of doing that was to start throwing obstacles in the way to keep us apart. I think what they underestimated was deciding to give him a baby. I don’t think that they realized what that really meant.

What did it mean?
At first, there was a lot of talk that they wouldn’t make the baby Henry’s. That they’d make it Dr. Farkas' or something. But they didn’t want to cop out and not make it his. So we had long conversations about how Henry could come back with the baby having left his girlfriend Charlie and be a very sympathetic single dad in New York and how that could be really interesting because Betty’s dad is a single dad, too. But as Season 2 was winding down and they started breaking stories for Season 3, I think they realized the show isn’t called "Ugly Betty and Henry." It’s "Ugly Betty" and there’s a lot of other characters and to really service that single dad storyline you’d really have to spend a lot of time on it. It just wasn’t going to work.

How did you take the news?
I had always had the same opinion, actually. I had said from the beginning, 'Listen guys, no one wants Betty to have somebody else’s baby.' You just don’t want that for her. You want her to have kids, you want her to have her own children. You don’t want Betty to be a mom to someone else’s kid, especially not this crazy bitch Charlie. As much as people love Henry, sorry, but it’s not his show.

Henry also got flakier toward the end of last season, as they tried to build up Gio.
Yeah, at the same time they’re giving me this baby to keep me and Betty apart they also brought in Gio, to do that as well. So they had to make me a little dumber and make him great. It was very much to make people like Gio, to make this triangle work and make it believable. It just was not good for my job security.

What did you think of her winding up with neither of you?
As a viewer, taking my life out of it, I was actually relieved. Because as an audience member and as a fan of the show I was bored of me. Me and Gio and all of her romantic stuff. Like seriously? I never dated that much. Who does that?

What do you think of the beaus Betty has had since?
Ha, that was interesting. I was in Vancouver working on 'Harper’s Island' and thinking back to the conversation with Silvio and how they really wanted to get away from Betty’s romantic life in Season 3 and just have her focus on work. Then I'd keep running across articles screaming, 'New boyfriend! New boyfriend!' and I’m thinking, 'What the hell?' What was wrong with her old boyfriend if you were going to keep doing that?' Really, it was fine.

What do you think of Matt so far?
Early on, he reminded me a lot of Henry. In that, he's a really nice guy. I don’t mind him. And Daniel Eric Gold, who plays him, is really talented and I think really charming on the show.

Yeah, but do you think he stands a chance?
It's funny. I think Henry comes back and is revealed at the end of a rainbow. For Daniel, it’s gotta be like, ‘Are you kidding me? I’ve been working so hard and now you bring this jackass and he’s at the end of a rainbow in front of the Brooklyn bridge?! Give me a break!’ At one point while we were shooting I had a conversation with him and I said, ‘Listen, you’re doing great. I’m going to be out of here in two days.’

Can you set up how Henry comes back?
Henry has a new girlfriend, who remarkably looks like his old girlfriend. She’s an aerobics instructor so he’s going with her to New York for an aerobics convention, but he really wants to run into Betty, so he’s updating his Facebook page every five minutes, saying where he is at all times.

Why doesn't he just call her?
He doesn’t want to intrude on her life, but at the same time he really really wants to see her and still has feelings for her. So of course they wind up bumping into each other and reconnecting a little bit and they end up going on a double date to a Mets game. That's all I should say.

What do you think -- Is there a possibility Henry will be back next season?
Honestly, I don’t know what they have planned story-wise. No one’s talked to me about coming back on any kind of regular basis. Silvio mentioned he’d like to have me. Ideally, he’d like to be able to use me occasionally.

Are you up for it?
Of course, it would just depend on a lot of things. But yeah, I love them. Everybody there is great and America is a very good friend and we have a blast working together.

What’s up with Charlie and the baby? You didn’t mention either.
We talk about the baby. Charlie we don’t talk about. They’ve broken up. In my head, they’re not together. They were never going to be together. The whole point of going to Tucson was not to be together with her, it was to be there with his kid. It’s very Dr. Laura. I think Dr. Laura would like Henry.

Do you think Henry’s good for Betty ultimately?
It’s a good question. I think they’re good for each other. Whether they’re good long term? I don’t know. It just depends. People change, and their lives change. It depends on what Betty wants. Again, even for me as an audience member, I don’t know that I want Betty to be the mom of Charlie’s kid for life. She’d be great at it, and her and Henry could be very happy together. That’s not really what I want for that character.


Ugly Betty - Born Identity

Posted By yummymango on May 11, 2009 at 5:17PM

Just as it looks like billionaire Calvin Hartley (guest star David Rasche) is going to give Mode the bailout it needs so the magazine won't go under, baby William is kidnapped - and Betty is dragged into the ensuing drama. Meanwhile Archie (guest star Ralph Macchio) asks Hilda to be part of his latest political campaign.

Photos and summary from ABC.com
+-------------------------- THOUGHTS ---------------------------------------------+
While it was sad to see Ashley Jensen leave the show, I liked her emotional exit. It was a proper exit, I thought. I was very glad that they didn't kill her off because I really liked her character, and leaving like this would have her open to come back for a guest spot or two. Now, I wonder who'll be running The Closet...

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Ugly Betty - Rabbit Test

Posted By yummymango on May 1, 2009 at 7:15PM

The Suarez family gets an invitation to meet Matt's famed billionaire dad, Calvin Hartley (guest star David Rasche), at his legendary Easter Egg hunt. While Betty sees this as a chance to get closer to Matt, Daniel seizes the opportunity to get Mode a bailout. Meanwhile Wilhelmina suspects that little William might not be her biological son.

Photos and summary from ABC.com
It was great to have Ugly Betty back on Thursdays! And yay for the series renewal! Though I liked this episode, nothing really stood out much to me... except for Daniel's pink bunny outfit. That was predictable, but hilarious. I did cringe when I saw him hopping around and the children crowding him.

What did you guys think of the episode?

I hope the season finale is really good...

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Vanessa Williams Talks to ET about Ugly Betty

Posted By yummymango on Apr 29, 2009 at 5:07PM

Excerpts from ET's interview with Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty's Wilhelmina Slater):

ET: Were you able to exhale with the early pickup of "Ugly Betty"?
Vanessa Williams: Yes, it seemed like an eternity for some reason. In your heart of hearts, you know you are on a great show and you don't want it to end. And the people are anxious to have it back. I was hoping for the best, but it is always nice to hear from above that it is official.

ET: Do you feel any difference in the show now that it films in New York?
Vanessa Williams: Absolutely. Visually it is a whole different aesthetic, because we are shooting in New York on the streets with background that is actually New Yorkers. We do a lot less green screen. I think the only time we do green screen is if there is a special effect or, possibly, interior town car stuff. Other than that, we are shooting on the subways, on the city buses, walking in parks and Times Square. You can't replicate that feeling on a soundstage in L.A. as well as you can do it live in New York.

Also, visually, [costume designer] Pat Fields, again, is a genius in making every character completely different, innovative and fashion-forward. She makes a statement and it is great to be able to have your character go to the next level with her creative team behind you.

ET: Since Wilhelmina Slater owns half of the Meade shares, she seems to have mellowed a lot when it comes to being Daniel's (Eric Mabius) rival. Is that a temporary truce?
Vanessa Williams: Oh, yeah. That is going to change. She is not so mellow anymore because her livelihood is being threatened due to the fact that there are some issues due to the DNA results of her child. Once that starts to crumble, she loses her position in the company and she does not like that.

ET: Why did they decide to check the DNA on the baby?
Vanessa Williams: You will see certain characteristics. For instance, Christina (Ashley Jensen) is really the only one who knows how to settle the child, and people started to remark on that. Also, issues of how the child looked.

ET: What is your favorite thing about playing Wilhelmina?
Vanessa Williams: It is a role where you get to behave badly and get away with it. I have been able to do so many different things: Not be stuck in an office and do the same thing over and over again. This past season, I just finished playing piano and singing with Christine Baranski, which is coming up, and I play tennis and Billie Jean King is in our scene. I speak French with some fabulous visiting advertiser. I am put in situations as Wilhelmina that allow me to stretch and have fun. There is nothing average about the role.

Read the entire story here.

Ana Ortiz is pregnant!

Posted By yummymango on Apr 29, 2009 at 7:40AM

Wow, I seem to be slightly behind in Ugly Betty news... but Ana Ortiz, or Hilda Suarez to Ugly Betty fans, is pregnant and due to give birth in July.

On People magazine, she said:

I'm not going to lie. I'm immediately going to try to get back into shape. We start work on "Ugly Betty" two weeks after I give birth. The pregnancy was not written in the show, so I wish I could be cool and let nature take its course, but no, I'm definitely going to try to get into shape.

Reminder: Ugly Betty this Thursday, April 30th!

Posted By yummymango on Apr 27, 2009 at 10:10AM

Ugly Betty comes back a week earlier and will be on this Thursday! I can't wait!

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Chris Gorham back for Ugly Betty s3 finale

Posted By yummymango on Apr 22, 2009 at 7:27PM

I'm sure you guys all know that Christopher Gorham will be coming back to reprise his role as Henry Grubstick for the third season finale where he and Betty agree to double date bringing along their respective significant others.

I know that Chris Gorham will probably not be back as a regular, but anyone here glad to see Henry back in Betty's life?